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Why we want to suffer? Willingness to suffer.

We all makes choices in our life. In same way we choose our suffering. We decide to go on one particular niche or field. I think every field is difficult on their own perspective and its true too. Even though every field is tough, why we decide to choose that one single field? Because we are that much passionate or ready to suffer through obstacle related to that particular field. Nothing is easy, but we become ready to live with those suffering because we think about what we achieve at the end.

Fitness is also no exception, we are ready to go through all those pain to get fit and healthy. We have to imagine all the greater benefit of fitness while we are experiencing all those pain(during workout).

We are willing to suffer and we will not give up at those last reps even though it feels burning and want to quit right that moment.

So if you want to get fit body and want to be healthy there is no excuse, there is no shortcut you have to willingness to suffer through the process to get there.