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Why should you start exercise from today?

Start exercise from today!!!

It’s easy to sit on couch and lying on the bed, watching TV, playing video games and it is comfortable too, but why those painful exercise or workout is important to do?

Why should we exercise?

After all, no one is forcing you to do?

Life is marathon not a sprint. we always search to do something that will give us instant result and instant happiness, in fitness world that is not the case. We have to learn to adapt on delayed gratification. We have to learn to suffer now to achieve greatness later.


You will start to feels changes after around 3-4weeks of regular exercise. some benefits you will start to feel little late for which you have to practice delayed gratification.


why exercising(workout) is so important to our life?

  1. Health (prevent non communicable disease): It’s number 1 reason why you should start exercise from today. All the global changes in food industry and life style we all are in more risk of getting non-communicable disease than ever. Probably you don’t want to die due to heart attack, hypertension, diabetes right?
  2. Self-conscious about diet or healthy eating: you will start to feel more conscious about your diet and already start of cut off most of unnecessary junky crap foods.
  3. Energy: This one is 1st change you will start to feel. You will feel you have more stamina and you will be less fatigue through out the day. But 1st week will not feel like this, if you are just starting. 1st week you have to go through some pain to get our delayed gratification. So, suffer some to achieve more.
  4. Productivity: Especially if you do it in morning. You probably heard of making bed; “If you want to be successful start by making bed in morning” it’s same with doing exercise in morning. When you finish exercise 1st thing in morning, you will feel great that you already accomplish something. Our brain loves victory, which will prepare to do another task. so along the day will finish more task and finally it will make you more productive.
  5. Self-discipline: Exercising is all about discipline. You have to be persistence on exercise to get result which will help you to learn some more self discipline.
  6. Memory: Many research is going on and some of research is showing that person who is physically active, will take less time to learn same skills or information as compare to physically inactive person.
  7. Looks: Well, you know this one better. You know all those fit guys and girls who looks stunning on any dress. So, get ready to fit in your best dress to look fantastic.
  8. Self-esteem: Study have shown that people who are more engage in physical exercise have more self-esteem.