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Top 5 fitness tips

These are the tips which I learned through out my fitness journey. These tips are blue print for me.

This tips are not workout tips but it is more important than workout tips. By following these 5 rules I got 6 packs in just 4 months.  
  1. Wake up early: Waking up early has great advantages for everything. If you wake up early you can do exercise early without any distraction. It will help you to be consistent. You will be the one who raise early, you will be the one who is working out while others are still snoring on the bed.
  2. Exercise at morning: Especially for who want to loss weight. At morning cortisol hormone secrete in large quantity. Cortisol help you to burn fat and loss weight over all. When you finish exercise at morning you already finish one of the task for the day which makes more chances of finish other tasks later. And at morning there will least distraction, so you can focus on task by your 100%.
  3. Don’t diet but eat healthy: If you try hard at start you get exhausted early and you don’t achieve anything, so start easy make victory on every single challenge more chances you will more likely chances of follow for long run. If you start dieting by skipping meal(even though you don’t want) you will probably eat more on next meal. But if you start by eating healthy without skipping meal you will replace unhealthy food and will not over eat on next meal.
  4. Consistency is key: If you ask me which is most important part to be fit or healthy or maybe to get 6 packs. I would say consistency. Even though you start small but follow for long run more chances will get result. Try to follow something that you can follow for long run or maybe for life time.
  5. Make routine make it simple and follow for long run: Organization is vital par for everything even in fitness. Make routine for exercise, diet and for every major tasks you do. But don’t try to make it very complicated make it simple and make it flexible. When you follow routine more than 21 days you will get used to it and finally it becomes habit so you don’t have to waste time to think about it anymore. And don’t forget to hook consistency with it.