Top 5 basic steps to live healthy life

Yes, just 5 steps!

It seems obvious and simple but we tend to get out from the tract repetitively. Regularity and continuity is key for these 5 steps. Start by simple challenge, you can begin with just developing 1 habit.

These steps are very interconnected to each other that’s why when you start one step you automatically start to self realize importance of other steps.

1. Exercise:

Yeah, no surprise right? Everybody suggest, everybody knows it is beneficial but almost nobody follows. Exercise has great impact on health, decreasing heart problem to mental problem, it has broad effect in our health. 3days/week is mandatory. Start with simple exercise, you don’t have to lift 30kg dumbbells to do exercise. You can start with easy exercise like jumping rope just for 15 minutes per day, then you can increase your difficulty level.

2.Eat healthy:

You don’t have to be very choosy about which food to eat and which not. Just follow the basic, like don’t eat junky crap and follow balance diet (include right proportion of protein, fat and carbohydrate). Increase vegetable and fruit decrease excessive animal fat, carbohydrate and junky crap like chips and cold drinks. If I have to suggest you to cut the crap, don’t eat chips and don’t drink coke/Pepsi. These 2 things have big reason to not to eat. I will explain in another post about these 2 things.

3.Don’t smoke:

Exercise increase your lifespan while smoking decreases your life span (that’s a fact). So if you want live longer you better stop smoking. Lung disease is main cause of death in smoker while smoking is number 1 risk factor for almost any types of cancer.

4.Sleep well:

Yeah you read correctly! Sleep increase your over all health and helps you live longer. Sleep deprivation can increase heart problem, lowers performance level on work and finally sleep deprivation will decrease your life span over all. For proper sleep hygiene, 7-8 hours of sleep is mandatory. If you can live longer by sleeping more then why not sleep more?


Mental health is as much as important as physical health. Due to rapid changing in our lifestyles and environment, world is getting stressful everyday. Stress produce cortisol hormone in our body, which have lots of bad impact in our health. Mindfulness is way to go for prevention of most of stressful situation. It helps you to live healthy and live longer.

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