The best and easy to make breakfast for weight loss.

Breakfast is most important meal to focus on when you are trying to loss weight.

As we always heard, breakfast is most important meal of the day. It may sound granny talking, but it’s true. 

Maybe you tried a lots of diet plan or maybe you are just a beginner. You may have heard about lots of diet plan for weight loss.

Well, don’t make it complicated. Make it basic and follow for decent amount of time, you will feel change.

These are the foods which is great for weight loss. I tried it when i started plan for weight loss, it worked for me.

Don’t expect to lose weight just by eating these foods, because i am referring these foods along with proper weight loss exercise.

Don’t complain that you didn’t loss weight if you don’t do exercise. It takes time and effort.

This article is best, for who started workout but not sure about what to eat for breakfast which is best for their plan.

If you eat proportionally made breakfast you will tend to eat less calorie thorough out day. You will have more energy and less starved for junk foods.

Here are best and easy to make breakfast for weight loss

1. Oat meals:

This one is best option for every fitness striver. Yeah, it doesn’t taste like favorite dish in the world, but it is best breakfast for weight loss. It has the combination of complex carbohydrate, protein, fibers and some fats. Try to combine it with some fruits so it will taste better.

2. Peanut butter with toast or brown bread:

Another best breakfast for weight loss and muscle gain. Peanut has proteins, unsaturated fat which is great for our heart and it will make less starved throughout day, so you will not over eat.

3. Plain cereal with milk (less fat):

It is best option if are in hurry. Mix it with milk and you are all set. I mentioned plain cereal because it has less caloric value which is obviously great for who want to loss weight.

4. Fruits (banana, grapes, apple, orange):

Fruits are god when its come to weight loss. Combine with any other breakfast or eat it alone. They have great nutrition value and less calorie. You can eat as much as you can until you are full. One of the great option for breakfast because of great nutrition value and less caloric value.

5. Eggs (Omelet/ boiled):

Eggs are great for over all fitness purpose. It has protein which is very high biological value(All the protein absorbs in egg by our body) and fat. Try to eat egg white as a main diet which has great value according to purpose.

6. Yogurt (non fat):

High in protein, some carbohydrate and fat and also rich in potassium which make it is as one of the best choice for breakfast. Due to it contains fat, it will make you less hungry for long duration.