Start slow and simple while you are beginning

Yes, Start slow and simple while you
are beginning

Just like everyday task fitness is no exception about starting up easy.

Start your exercise with simple and very basic, don’t try to do every exercise you had heard in your entire life on your 1st day. It will makes you overwhelmed and frustrated.

Our brain loves accomplishment that’s why make simple goal and accomplish it.  Our brain will feel rewarded and it will want to repeat it again and again. So aim to do some simple workout and accomplish it.

You will probably sense these all fitness thing is not that much hard as you imagined and actually it is not. You have to start slow and simple and increase pace and difficulty level progressively.


On first day of your workout take goal to do 20 squat without extra weight throughout a day or 10 push ups along a day(I hope you can probably do that even though you are newbie) result is that probably  you will show up on next day. But if you aim 1000push ups on your 1st day, I bet! you will not accomplish it and you will not show up on next day because I will feel impossible to achieve anything.

So start slow and simple while you are beginning.

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