This blog is all about health, fitness and personal development, which will help you solve problem on those areas.

Post on this blog will be based from my life experience, book I read and research on internet form trusted source, mostly from authentic journal.

 If you want to get fitness tips, consultation about health problem and advice for personal development, this is perfect place for you.

I will be sharing post about weight loss, muscle gain, productivity, how to live happier life and how to solve certain health problem.

I hope my blog will help you to get fitter, healthier and happier.

About me

Rabin Shrestha

I am Rabin Shrestha from Nepal. I am 5th year medical student in Cairo university faculty of medicine, Cairo Egypt. I am very passionate about medicine, which made me to study doctor. Along side on medicine, I like fitness and also passionate about getting fit. I like to read books; I have challenge to read 50books in 2018. I love to travel too.

Story behind my blog

I always dreamed about having my own website or blog but i always hesitated to get started.

 I always feared, nobody will care about my content and even if i started, what would i write about. But, finally i stared blogging. I felt, i should start because even i posted something that i knew, someone will get benefited from that content who didn’t know about it. It doesn’t matter it’s 1000 peoples or 1 person who is reading this blog. Because at least i will be adding value to someone’s life.

If you have any feedback please email me or connect with me on social media and give some suggestion, i will really appreciate.