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How to keep consistency or keep motivation constant in fitness?

Consistency is toughest part in context of fitness.

And it will always be.

But there is certain things, which makes consistency little easier. Doing exercise and dieting relatively easier than doing it on consistently basis. It will take lots of effort and self-discipline.

Here is basic idea, (more…)

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Why we want to suffer? Willingness to suffer.

We all makes choices in our life. In same way we choose our suffering. We decide to go on one particular niche or field. I think every field is difficult on their own perspective and its true too. Even though every field is tough, why we decide to choose that one single field? Because we are that much passionate or ready to suffer through obstacle related to that particular field. Nothing is easy, but we become ready to live with those suffering because we think about what we achieve at the end. (more…)

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Why should we start running ??


16 benefits of running 

These are the 16 reason why you should start to run today. Running has great benefits for our health and it is very accessible exercise for everyone. You better to start running from today without any excuse to get all the benefits from running. (more…)
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List of 29 foods for rapid weight  loss

These are the most effective foods for rapid weight loss. If you start to eat these foods regularly you will not just loss weight but also start to live better healthy life. You will not get result just by eating these food, but it will enchance weight loss if you are doing exercise regularly.  (more…)