Why should you keep track of progress in fitness?

Keeping track of progress in fitness is easy thing to do but can makes significant difference.

Progress is addictive, if you start to keep track of it, it will make you relentless.

Keeping track of progress gives you feedbacks.

let’s assume you are taking 8 weeks’ challenge to get in shape. First day you will give all of your effort and did most of the exercise e.g. weight lifting or cardio and you stick with it for few days.

If you don’t track progress here, you don’t know where are you going, so you have no way to know if you are making progress.

By the time and it is very soon you will give up on that program. There is no record of what you have accomplished, where you came from or what your goal are, so you’re just going through the motions.

This keeping track of progress really changed everything in my fitness journey.

I was fitness enthusiast from very early. I tried a lot to get in shape and to get 6packs (which used to be impossible dream for me). I failed badly. There were lots of reasons for that failure but now I realize one of the biggest reason was, not keeping track of progress.

If you’re tracking your fitness progress, it increases the chances to achieve your goal and make easier to pushing toward goal.

You will able to see how much you have accomplished your fitness goal in certain amount of time. You become more conscious about your progress so you will know how much time you have to put in work.

To make it easy here are list of reason why should you track of your progress.

  • Makes it more chances to reach and surpass the goal
  • Makes you more efficient on workout
  • It will motivate you and help you to become consistent
  • Makes you focus on goal
  • Decrease the chances of drop out from the program

So, how to keep track of progress?

In case of fitness keeping track is not that hard.

  • Measure body fat composition
  • The mirror: Check yourself how far you came.(this one is my favorite)
  • Measurements
  • Weight
  • Increase in reps and weight: Challenge yourself to find out how hard you can go.
  • Take picture of yourself

It is simple thing but powerful. So, do not underestimate power of keeping track of progress.


There is something I have to tell you,

Don’t expect to get change over night or over 1day. To get result it takes times and lots of lots of efforts.These are the problem people faced when I told them to keep track of progress.

They were constantly checking their weight and measuring their body parts everyday.

Of course, you will not see big difference in 1 day.Then, they got frustrated.

So, don’t repeat that mistake. Don’t expect to see big difference over night, don’t feel sad and frustrated even you don’t see big difference in weeks or so. Put in work, no doubt will be happy later.

All of effort and hard work will definitely pays off later, you just need little bit of patience and persistence.



How to keep consistency or keep motivation constant in fitness?

Consistency is toughest part in context of fitness.

And it will always be.

But there is certain things, which makes consistency little easier. Doing exercise and dieting relatively easier than doing it on consistently basis. It will take lots of effort and self-discipline.

Here is basic idea,

  • Make it more of automatic.
  • Make it like as habit.

How to make workout automatic?

Here is the secret…

Plan the week, plan the day in advance.

Yeah, that is easiest way to make something automatic.

Try to do some task before workout, as it acts as cue to do workout. It could be to listen certain music, drink coffee or put on workout dress. Anything…

If you do specific activities which act as stimulator for workout, it will remind you about workout. It will make your workout automatic.

It may sound crazy but it works. For me, I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, make coffee and sit on couch and drink it. These activities will remind me of workout.

That is a flow, which act as simulator for workout, after sometimes everything becomes automatic and will be habit.

To get consistency for long period, try to follow routine that is realistic, which will match according to your daily schedule.

Don’t try to make it complicated and tough at beginning. It will ruin everything. It will make you frustrated, you will give up very early. Because it will seem like it is impossible to obtain.


 Consistency means when you do something regularly for long time, it doesn’t mean you have to do daily.

So, give yourself a good recovery time between workout days. You will be less exhausted.

Do exercise on alternative days. You will do workout 1 day and take 1-day rest and continue like this way for whole year.

This way you will feel less burnout, so more chances that you will stick with it for long-term.

Other ways of keeping motivation and consistency is all about mindset.

You have to think about all the purpose of your workout. Why you have to workout? What happen if you don’t workout? Urgent impact and long-term impact.

Think about what good will happens when you do workout.

Actually, you will start to feel lots of changes after 1 month of consistent workout.

So, other way of getting consistent is mindset. If you are not prepared from mind, I bet you, you will drop out and give up very early.

Embrace the purpose of workout. Be obsessed with it. Love the process. If you love the process, there is no barrier.

There is no shortcut. Everybody has to go through the same process.


  1. Make a cue which will stimulate to do workout.
  2. Make workout as habit.
  3. Workout with proper gap between workout day.
  4.  Be ready from your mind

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