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How to get in best shape by 30 minutes workout at home?

30 minutes workout per day is more than enough to get fit which you always dreamed of.

Yes! 30 minutes workout  is more than enough to get fit. It is that easy to get fit which you always dreamed of. If you follow just 2 rules. Those are

  1. Consistency

  2. Self discipline

These are the hard part than doing workout. Getting fit is all about mindset. If you are prepare from your mind most probably you will succeed without a doubt. So change yourself first from mind and then start doing exercise.

If you do specific exercise according to purpose of your fitness (weight loss or building muscle) with consistently and self-discipline, there will be no reason that you will not get result.

Self-discipline is more for diet oriented than work out. You will need self discipline on workout too but it is very hard on diet and eating healthy. Most of the people get out of tract easily on this part.

In case of 30 minutes workout, you can do any specific exercise according to your purpose.

For example.

For weight loss purpose: 

These are the best workout for weight loss. Mix these exercise together to workout for 30 minutes.

  • Burpees
  • Jumping rope
  • Running
  • Lunges
  • Squat

For muscle building exercise.

Divide your day by targeting specific muscle group. I always tells people divide your day according to push day, pull day leg and abs day and one full cardio day. you can follow any rule on that case.

These are the things that i follow for my fitness journey to add up some muscle.

Push day:

  • Chest target: Push ups. flat bench dumbbell press,
  • Triceps target: dumbbell press, overhead triceps extension with dumbbells, close-grip barbell bench press,
  • Shoulder target: Side lateral raise, seated bent-over rear delt raise, front raise with dumbbells

Pull day:

  • Back target: Wide grip pull-up, Barbell deadlift, single-arm dumbbell row.
  • Bicep target: EZ- bar curl, dumbbell hammer curl


Abs and leg day:

  • Leg target: squat with weight, lunges
  • Abs target: Russian twist, ab wheel rollout, ab crunches

Cardio day:

  • Running, Jumping rope, Burpees


If you do 3 sets of each exercise with proper resting time it will take only 30 minutes to workout every day. And all of these workout you can do it in your home with a pair of dumbbells and one barbell. And in case of running i go to out door running.


You may have heard about diet it crucial and comes first than workout or may heard about 80:20 rules (80% diet and 20% workout). That’s really true.

Even if you are doing 2 hours of workout everyday and you are not eating right, most probably you will not get reasonable result.

So, first thing to start is start to count calories.

yeah !! you read it right, start to count calories and change proportion of food what you are eating by decreasing bad fat and excess carbohydrate with increasing proteins and good fat.

If you are committed enough to follow those mentioned advised I bet, you will get result. Don’t fall into all those complicated planning and hardcore routine exercise just to get fit.